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Robert Downey Jr s Epic Saga: Addiction, Family Life, and The Judge

In a recently-discovered conversation, Robert Downey Jr.’s late father admitted that he was the one who initially exposed his son to narcotics at such a young age. His father had caught him taking a sip of white wine at a poker game he brought him to, he didn’t take the glass away; instead, he handed him a joint and told him to smoke it. This went on to serve as a bond between the two, as his father was also an addict. Daniel Radcliffe well known for his ‘Harry Potter’ franchise has been outspoken about his battle against alcohol addiction.

  • Sr. is now playing in select theaters and will begin streaming on Netflix on Friday, December 2.
  • For years, Downey Jr. spent time in and out of rehab, sober, relapsing, getting arrested, and repeating the cycle.
  • The actor claims that Levin is the one who convinced him to turn his life around.
  • If you don’t, it will get rid of the other one.” But it didn’t stick.
  • He’s recaptured four hours later and put in jail for nine days.

After multiple attempts at getting clean, Eminem has been sober since 2008, when he survived a nearly fatal drug overdose. Downey Jr.’s commitment to sobriety is evident in all aspects of his life. “Sobriety is a gift,” he said in an interview with ABC News in 2013. “It’s something that I had to work really hard for and that I’m extremely proud of.” Robert Downey Jr. has managed to stay sober for 20 years now. Being in the grips of addiction while in Hollywood, then returning to Hollywood and re-establishing himself without turning back; he deserves a lifetime achievement award for that in itself.

Robert Downey Jr. and Late Dad Get Candid About Becoming ‘Stuck’ in ‘Drug-Culture Life’ in ‘Sr.’ Doc

However, his personal life also came into the public eye a bit more. He also credits sobriety for the phenomenal career momentum he has enjoyed over the past few years. In the early aughts, it was practically impossible for Downey to get hired since most filmmakers wouldn’t—or couldn’t—pay the exorbitant insurance bonds it required to have him on set. His career didn’t pick up again until Mel Gibson personally underwrote Downey’s liability insurance so that the actor could star in 2003’s The Singing Detective.

Then the two shared a long embrace as the crowd broke into applause. When Downey came to the stage, he acknowledged his long friendship with Gibson and quipped that the two had shared the same lawyer, same publicist and same shrink. For the movie, the story has been reset in Los Angeles and moved from the 1940s to the 1950s. “With everything you’ve been through, you deserve it,” is how the documentary ends, with Robert Downey Jr. now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. “I was just playing a game of wanting to appease myself or stay high, before I accepted the fact that things had gotten out of control,” said Robert. Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest names when it comes to the world of acting, thanks in large part to his role as Iron Man in the Marvel universe.

Robert Downey Jr. opens up about drug addiction: It took me 20 years to become a person again

It’s no secret that Robert Downey Jr. has had a troubled past. What is less well known, however, is the real reason he is a star. It’s not just his acting talent that has made him one of Hollywood’s biggest names – it’s also his incredible journey to sobriety. Downey Jr.’s battle with addiction began when he was just a teenager. He entered rehab for the first time when he was just 23 years old.

Who can’t defeat Iron Man?

Iron Man was basically powerless against the God of Thunder. Thor stopped short of beating Iron Man to death, but he made sure that Iron Man knew that there was nothing he could do to Thor if Thor pressed the issue.

There’s nothing so precarious as the life of an actor who is beloved by intellectuals but does not earn. ‘Sr’, a documentary about Downey’s father that was released on Netflix, talks about what life was like in the family, as his parents were also into drugs. Robert Downey Jr. committed himself to a 12-step rehab program, therapy sessions, meditation, and even Wing Chun Kung Fu to rid himself of his addiction.

Robert Downey Jr. shared his gratitude for Mel Gibson

With the correct mix of support, motivation, treatment and resources, it is possible to overcome addiction and lead a fulfilling life free from drugs or alcohol. The right treatment program can help you identify the underlying causes of your substance abuse. Therapy, from CBT to DBT to EMDR, helps individuals address the root causes of their addiction and learn coping skills to avoid triggers and cravings. Medications can also be used to help manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of relapse. Medication management can really help Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, provide a sense of community and accountability, which can be crucial for maintaining sobriety.

  • We coast across gravel, past a giant letter R, placed in the lawn like a bit of Pop art.
  • Robert Downey Jr had no shortage of opposition from people who loved him, but not his drug habits.
  • But that big splash came in 1987, as the lead in Jim Toback’s The Pick-Up Artist and then as Julian, the romantic, drug-addled lost boy in the film based on Bret Easton Ellis’s novel Less than Zero.
  • Or whatever.” But his indifference during interviews doesn’t overshadow his success with sobriety.

After Gothika, Downey continued with a handful of movies (large and small) and even a music album before landing the role of Iron Man in 2008; and the rest is history. The other inmates refer to him as Mo’ Downey and five days a week he worked the cafeteria line for eight cents an hour, doling out food, washing dishes and scraping pizza pans clean in piping hot water. Cleaning was a big part of his time there, telling stories kitchen mishaps where a gigantic bag of gravy ripped open and he had to mop it up.

Cooper first revealed that he was sober in 2012, confessing that he quit doing drugs and drinking alcohol at the age of 29 “I don’t drink or do drugs at all anymore,” he admitted. More arrests and rehab stints followed for Downey before he finally landed in state prison where he spent a year behind bars. He was arrested twice more, but sobered up for good in 2001 and has since remarried and had son. Robert Downey Jr. was able to save himself from the ravages of addiction, and now as an active member of the sober community in Hollywood, he helps others find their way out of the horror of drug use.

In it, Downey plays prodigal son to Robert Duvall, who stands for all those fathers who find us wanting. Downey struggled with drug addiction for years before he was finally sentenced to three years in prison back in 1999. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge handed down the sentence after the actor violated his probation on a 1996 cocaine possession charge by repeatedly missing mandatory drug tests.